Henry Scherrer - Lead Vocals & Keys

About Me/The Skinny...


Instruments/Band Role: Singer, Keyboard Player, Songwriter

Top Five Bands/Artists: Ramones, The Clash, Otis Redding, Little Richard, The Sonics

First Concert: Peter Frampton

Favorite Concert: The Replacements

If You Could Bring One Musician Back from the Dead: Joe Strummer

What are you Listening to Currently: The new Gorillaz album, Song Machine , Season One: Strange Timez 

Favorite Movie: A Night at the Opera/Gremlins


Favorite TV Show: Boardwalk Empire

Favorite Food: Burritos

Hobbies: Movies, Video Games, Existential Dread, Ritual Sacrifice

Pet Peeves: People that say basically, Movies with Pauly Shore, Anything played on a recorder