Matt Winkelman - Drums

About Me:

Instruments/Band Role: Drums and Percussion

Top Five Bands/Artists:

1.     RUSH

2.     The Darkness

3.     The Police

4.     Foo Fighters

5.     Queens of the Stone Age


First Concert: Count Basie Orchestra was truly my first concert and to this day Corner Pocket is still one of my favorite songs.  My first rock concert was Aerosmith at Alpine Valley, which was a cool experience because they had the main stage in the amphitheater and a second stage setup in the lawn. They played sets on both stages which was fun and super engaging for everyone there.


Favorite Concert:  Being a drummer and percussionist I have an affinity for RUSH.  And seeing them a few years ago was my favorite concert.  It always amazes me how three people can create such a wall of intricate sound.


If You Could Bring One Musician Back from the Dead: Neil Peart


What are you Listening to Currently: According to Spotify: RUSH, Jason Isbell, Foo Fighters, Beck, Ray Lamontange, Father John Misty, and Jason Aldean


Favorite Movie: Who you gonna call?  ‘GHOSTBUSTERS!’


Favorite TV Show: Right now either Letterkenny or Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Favorite Food: Macaroni and Cheese or Chicken Tenders


Hobbies:  I enjoy playing around with all kinds of technology and watching sports car racing.  It is also not uncommon to find me at FTEA supporting their operations.


Pet Peeves: eh, not really